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Our research program focuses on fundamental investigations and applied research to create a suite of successful water management options and decision-making tools. We study engineered and natural systems and the way in which they can be effectively integrated into the portfolio of urban water resources.

Some specific aims of this research are:

  • To incorporate resource recovery and energy production into engineered water systems,
  • To engineer natural systems to improve water quantity, water quality, and habitat,
  • To overcome impediments to adopting new urban water management strategies,
  • To develop technologies in concert with companies involved in the Center’s program,
  • To provide improved decision-making tools to decision makers.

Our fundamental research on engineered and natural systems will inform our water supply portfolio testbeds, which in turn will help us reinvent urban water systems.

Current Research Projects

ReNUWIt's research program comprises more than 30 interrelated projects; download a current listing, or view the following:

International Partners

ERC researchers collaborate with faculty abroad to enhance our research program. We have on-going collaborations with the University of New South Wales (drought management and assessment strategies), Nanyang Technological University (urban environments as water catchments and potable reuse), and Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (trace pollutants, decentralization, and nutrient recovery). Involvement with these institutions also strengthens the ability of our students to thrive in a global environment.